Our FAQs are listed below, if you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at procodes@mintdesigncompany.com


We do have a quick auto-install button in the Settings panel, however this is mostly there just as a quick demo feature and is NOT guaranteed to work with all themes. 

In order to properly install you must insert a couple lines of code (we will also install ProCodes free of charge and help out to get you started).

To activate ProCodes in the Product description, go to your pertinent liquid file and implement the following:

Replace this: {{ product.description }}

With this: {% include 'shortcodesnippet' load: product.description %}

To activate ProCodes in the Article pages, go to your pertinent liquid file and implement the following:

Replace this: {{ article.content }}

With this: {% include 'shortcodesnippet' load: article.content %}

To activate ProCodes in your pages, go to your pertinent liquid file and implement the following:

Replace this: {{ page.content }}

With this: {% include 'shortcodesnippet' load: page.content %}

1. ProCodes is for anyone who wishes to make re-usable snippets that are easily inserted in blogs, pages or product descriptions.

Examples of this functionality might be:

  • Creating a single shortcode for shipping instructions to drop into each product that you can update in one place through procodes admin interface.
  • Using any of the pre-made components as-is (to customize styles you have to  have basic CSS skills).

2. ProCodes is also for expert developers who can create custom widgets and wish for an easy way to add the widgets into blog posts, pages and products through re-usable shortcodes.

Examples of this functionality might be:

  • Create an advertising widget to embed in blogs.
  • Create a custom slideshow gallery to embed across the site.
  • Create any kind of sales text that's imbedded in multiple pages and needs to be regularly changed in one place and those changes propagate across all the embedded shortcodes.
  • Create any custom widget for your clients to easily use in their store.


The widgets available in the admin are simple barebones examples of how you can use the shortcodes and the types of things you can make. These are fairly useful and standard components that you can customize through a few simple CSS classes. HOWEVER these are not meant for the non-tech savvy unless you are okay with no custom styling or modifications.

ProCodes gives you the ability to create simple embeddable shortcodes for any imaginable use (very similar to WordPress shortcodes).

No, ProCodes is built entirely in liquid (unless you want to use our pre-built components).

Since ProCodes does not rely on 3rd part scripts, it will not slow your site down and you will never lose your codes (as they are accessible directly in your liquid snippet files).